Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to inform you that a taskforce of experienced medical physicists (from both radiotherapy and nuclear medicine) has finalized a harmonized ?Regional Postgraduate Medical Physics Syllabus for Academic Programmes?. This syllabus has been endorsed by the Federation of African Medical Physics Organizations (FAMPO) and recommended for Medical Physics Education in AFRA Member States.

Given that considerable resources have been spent on developing this document, we would not like to just shelve it. At this stage, we would like to request those countries that would like to adopt/adapt this syllabus to share their interest with us. Kindly send to us the information about your proposed academic programme, including the following details:

(i)               name of the proposed host institution,
(ii)             a brief description of the program and a statement of educational objectives
(iii)           how the program fits into the national strategic plan
(iv)            how new program relates to existing medical programs at the institution, and
(v)             the existing human resources and physical infrastructure that make the institution an appropriate place to initiate such a training program.
(vi)            the assistance required from the IAEA.

We expect that considerable consultations at the national level should be made, especially with academic dean of the concerned institutions.


Click here to view syllabus.