The FAMPO Exco on behalf of the Medical Physics Community in the Continent regrets to announce the passing away of our indefatigable colleague - Mr Kwaku 'Orii' Nani - of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (/Ghana Atomic Energy Agency), Accra , Ghana.

In the epitaph by the FAMPO President - Kwaku was such a quintessential Medical Physicist determined to make a mark despite all odds inherent in our clime. He has contributed 'his bit' towards the advancement and improvement of the  Medical Physics profession in his native Ghana and his engaging mathematical discourse which forms part of 'his almost completed PhD work' will be sorely missed at the regular biennial AFROG / Coordination meeting of RAF/6/031 and 6/035.

Our heartfelt condolences goes to his family, friends , colleagues and indeed the Government of Ghana and also the IAEA - that has facilitated the exposure of this scientist including others like him - the world over !

In the remark by our Botswana colleague - Kwaku have only gone to all humanity's final destination albeit before us, May his departed soul find favour with the Lord God (amen).